November 25th, 2016

The Old Car Home addition is now complete and the results are are “classic“. Iossi’s Construction division expanded the space in the existing building on Grand Ave to provide a suitable home for the Dahl family’s amazing classic car collection. The result is an automotive executive’s “Man Cave”, where marvelous classic cars, historic neon signs and memorabilia all have their space. Before/after drone footage and an exciting outside and journal soon be displayed here in the Iossi News gallery. A video documentary with breathtaking aerial drone footage by Andrey at FlixPress with commentary by K.V. Dahl is in the works. He will give his reaction to the new building and the selection of Iossi Construction as the project coordinator. It’s a little piece of history brought up to the moment by Iossi Construction.


""thrilled, great, thumbs up!""

- Lee & Joanie, Bettendorf

""looks absolutely beautiful!""

- Jimmie L, Davenport

""impressive & thorough""

- John N, Davenport