June 22nd, 2018

A few months ago, a Mercedes crashed through the front door at Brady Mart, Davenport. We had them open the next day. Then restored their building in a few weeks, working around their schedule so business never missed a beat. Now….. BRADY MART -THE SEQUEL. Another car smashed into the window this week. Of course, we got the call and will handle it quickly for them again. At least the driver was courteous enough to hit the window and not ruin our great work on the front doors! When a car drives crashes into your window, call Iossi Restoration. We’re so good. We always get the next disaster too.



""thrilled, great, thumbs up!""

- Lee & Joanie, Bettendorf

""looks absolutely beautiful!""

- Jimmie L, Davenport

""impressive & thorough""

- John N, Davenport