May 26th, 2016

A property in Camanche had a crumbling foundation that had the house leaning toward the setting sun. Iossi Restoration to the rescue. Before it leaned too far, the Iossi Restoration team swooped into Camanche and began replacing the foundation UNDER THE EXISTING HOME! We’re compiling an amazing pictorial sequence as the crumbling foundation is replaced with the proper framework followed by an all new brick foundation that not only looks better than the original, but gently brought the entire home back to attention. So now, the new occupants will be able to watch the sunset, not disappear with it. Property values will be moving back up, the neighborhood will soon have a beautifully restored location. Watch this space for directions to a photo collection of the before and after. Iossi Restoration: We’re known for repairing damage by Fire-Water-Wind-Hail and ——–Sunsets? Well, you get the idea. Call us for an estimate.


""thrilled, great, thumbs up!""

- Lee & Joanie, Bettendorf

""looks absolutely beautiful!""

- Jimmie L, Davenport

""impressive & thorough""

- John N, Davenport