About Iossi

We’re a full service local construction firm that won’t tolerate average performance. The statement; We Build Trust really captures who we are. Because over the course of several decades, Iossi Construction has been building trust in our company through our growing clientele. Our staff and crew are dedicated to positive outcomes for every industrial, commercial and residential project. From the smallest fix up project to crane-lifting huge components into final position, our crews are dedicated, quality conscious professionals.

Iossi Construction is committed to excellence. It’s not enough for us to meet the minimum completion requirements. The ideal is that each one is an independent triumph. We’re licensed, bonded and insured. And maintain the highest level of OSHA safety standards because we want to, not just because of some government regulation.

We offer our company as the gold standard of efficiency from the first bid to the on-time completion.

The true test of a company like ours is how our customers feel. Check our references. Iossi Construction gets the business time and time again. We build trust in customers by making their dreams come true.

Total satisfaction isn’t the goal. It’s the rule. We’ll never accept anything less.

“We’re known by the customers we serve. That means we’re as proud to be associated with them as they are willing to compliment us.”

Darrell W. Iossi

David W. Iossi


""thrilled, great, thumbs up!""

- Lee & Joanie, Bettendorf

""looks absolutely beautiful!""

- Jimmie L, Davenport

""impressive & thorough""

- John N, Davenport